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Sn SeneGAD

Welcome to Peace Corps Senegal's Gender and Development organization! Explore our site for information about our programs, resources, and how to support our work!

last updated , originally posted 12 February 2012
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SeneGAD began in the early 1980's as the small, secondary project of a few enthusiastic Peace Corps volunteers. Under the name WID (Women in Development), they worked to improve the lives of women in Senegal. The mission and philosophy have evolved throughout the years, changing to meet the needs of local communities. The current GAD (Gender and Development) approach focuses on the social, economic, political and cultural forces that determine how men and women participate in society. Today, SeneGAD supports a broad range of projects that reflect the needs of individual communities in Senegal

Our Mission

To empower Senegalese women, men and youth to effectively integrate gender equality into their daily lives, with the support of Peace Corps Volunteers.

Our three main goals are to:

  • Educate and provide resources to volunteers on how to incorporate gender and development into their work.
  • Implement programs that motivate, educate, and inspire Senegalese women and girls to reach their full potential.
  • Encourage sustainable change in gender perspectives through collaboration with local communities.

Our work here is made possible by you, support us.

Learn More

  Who We Are -- Staff Advisors, Volunteer Board, and Regional Representatives

  Our Work -- Sector Projects, Michele Sylvester Scholarship, and Regional Projects

  News-- articles, events, and gender-related updates from Senegal and beyond

  Tips for Volunteers -- timelines, advice, and important documents.  

  Volunteers should also be sure to check out our ever-expanding resource library for    training materials, ideas, and other documents necessary for GAD activities.