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    Bi-Weekly Food Security Update

    Per Peace Corps Senegal's agreement with USAID, and in the spirit of transparency, we post bi-weekly updates about the activities Volunteers are implementing in the field as we work toward making Senegal a more food-secure nation. Read on for this week's update, or look back through the past... read more ⟩

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    SPA Documents

    Here are the documents you need for a Small Program Assistance (SPA) grant. read more ⟩

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    Invitee Resources

    Resources for stateside Invitees. Welcome to PC Sénegal! read more ⟩

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    Food Security Project Documents

    All the documents you need if you're starting, carrying out and/or completing a project with a Food Security grant. Please read the Overview of Food Security Project Grant Application Process before starting to fill out any forms!!! read more ⟩

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    Agriculture Newsletter

    The PC Senegal Agriculture Sector publishes a quarterly newsletter in which volunteers can share ideas, projects, and photos. read more ⟩

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    Malaria Prevention in Senegal

    This podcast features audio files created to prevent malaria in Senegal. Malaria No More's Fannan Jam (Sleep peacefully in Wolof) 30 second radio spots are included, as well as several dialogues, a call-in show, and a theatrical sketch. read more ⟩

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    W.A.I.S.T. Photo Contest, 2012

    Photos from the annual Peace Corps (unofficial) West African Invitation Softball Tournament photo contest. read more ⟩

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    In-Sector Gender Development Work

    Agriculture For agriculture volunteers Gender and Development (GAD) work is interwoven into much of what they do. Many work with women's groups gardens, helping them to improve the quality and quantity of what they grow. This not only helps them feed their families, but also allows them to... read more ⟩

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    50th Anniversary

    We're pleased and proud to be part of an organization now 50 years old. For 50 years, Peace Corps has been serving its three goals with dignity and honor. We look forward to serving for another 50. Stay tuned for more information about our past, and ways to become involved in our future. read more ⟩